Close your eyes and see yourself with a guitar.
• Where are you?
• Are you playing alone or with a band?
• Is there an audience of millions or one special person?
• Are you playing original songs or top 40 hits?
Whatever your goals may be, Swan Music School helps you achieve them. Just look at what we’ve done so far!

Nicki Rivers
Shaheed is very positive and encouraging. He makes me feel as though I can accomplish my short term musical goals. I like his laid back style. I highly recommend Shaheed and the school. So far, my experience has been uplifting, encouraging. One of my goals is to do music therapy in the hospitals, and I hope to be able to accomplish that through learning to play some common tunes that will uplift those who are sick and shut in. This in turn will uplift my spirit.

Shelby C.
I took several lessons on blues guitar from Shaheed. He is an amazing teacher. His approach and methodology was very practical. He organized the lessons so that learning was fun and not overwhelming. While his patience gave me ample time to properly absorb the initial material, he quickly increased the level of difficulty once I could handle more advanced material. I highly recommend him and his school.

Christina Connerton
Really personalized experience. I know that my lesson is directed towards exactly what I want to do and Laura is very conscious of when I need to work on something more or when I can move on. I never feel like I can slack off – she makes sure that I am practicing and that makes me want to do well. Overall, I think the Swan Music School is great and I’m so happy I am a part of it.

Ian Hersey
I thought the lesson was well thought out and planned. However, the instructor was able to leave the plan when appropriate and skillfully address issues that arose that were not perhaps in the lesson plan for the day.
The student centered nature of the lesson was much appreciated. I feel I left with knowledge, confidence, curiosity and a lot to work on.
I would say that the curriculum is top notch and his teaching skills matched it. I found learning with him effortless and enjoyable. I felt that he really cared about my learning as well. My understanding was integral to the lesson and important to him.

Henessy Diaz
Shaheed is one of the best guitar instructors in NYC – period! He is an amazing and patient instructor who’s knowledge and skills are one of a kind. It has been a joy watching how much my daughter has progressed from learning and playing guitar with Shaheed.

He makes everyone comfortable and my daughter looks forward to his lessons every week. As my daughter has progressed, I have watched him use his knowledge and creativity to challenge my daughter to become even better. He is worth every penny and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to play guitar.

Alex C.
I have been thoroughly impressed with Shaheed and the other Swan teachers. They are great at boiling things down to the basics so that I concentrate on the important concepts and don’t get caught up in unnecessary details. The lessons are extremely fun, and I have learned a great deal so far.


Woman’s Academy Of Excellence


Laura Shabazz has the flexibility to adjust her material and style to the needs of her students. Her kind attitude and encouraging manner were relaxing, and I was able to enjoy the whole process.


Shaheed has been teaching me guitar from 2009-2010 and he’s absolutely brilliant. He’s very encouraging, relaxed and easy going.


Every lesson brings something new and fun. my teacher is excellent. he knows exactly what he can get from me. he has a keen ear and knows how far to take each lesson.